How to make your trip to Karnal memorable?

Want to get a lifetime experience while visiting Karnal? If yes, this blog will provide information regarding the top tourist attractions and pleasure activities. The city is named after the prime character in Hindu mythology Mahabharata – Karna. It is situated in the Indian state of Haryana. The place is a hub of important educational and research institutions, such as CSSRI, DWR, IARI and NDRI. The Yamuna River flows on the western side of this city making the surrounding a fertile land. As a result, you can green pasture and famous for production of premium quality basmatic rice in the surrounding fields. Apart from that, you can see field growing wheat and dairy for milk production.

Karnal is well-connected with rest of North Indian states. People from Delhi and other metropolis go there to spend their holiday and research works. Let us look at some of the famous sites to visit on a vacation:

1. Karnal Lake

The Karnal Lake is the highlight of this busy city. The lake is blessed with exotic trees and tranquil waters that soothe the mind immediately. With tourists and birds flocking to the lake, you can witness a large variety of foliage existing in the middle of the lake island. Moreover, you can ride a board on the water to enjoy leisure time.

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2. Witness architectural beauty

The Cantonment Church Tower is an architectural beauty of the British Era in India. The church is dedicated to St. James a prominent disciple of Jesus Christ. Though the church was dismantled and shifted to Ambala, yet this tower remains as the highlight of this region.

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3. Historical places

Are you fond of historical places? Visit the famous Qualander Shah tomb and Karnal fort to witness glorious days of the past. These places are famous for vacationers who would like to witness amazing things in the trip.


The beautiful parks found in this city are a treat to nature lovers. You can find exotic flowers and trees in the parks. These are the places where couples love to meet and relax in the day. A romantic vibes surrounds the park.

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5. Enjoy nightlife of Karnal

Karnal do not have a glittery nightlife. But, you can find exotic hotels and restaurants where parties are organized regularly. The party will be perfect with hot ladies by your side. The exotic ladies will be your partner in enjoying the event. That is why they have become an integral part of the nightlife of this city.

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